Estella Default outfit - Sky & Flower SOLD OUT
Estella Default outfit - Sky & Flower SOLD OUT
Worldwide Limited adition 7set. 수량: 7셋트 한정.


7set한정입니다. 텍에 넘버가 표기됩니다.
♠outfit Set :  Dress + 헤어밴드
발송일    :입금 확인후 3~7일 소요

♠outfit Set :  Dress + Hairband
お支払い方法 :paypal(注文後、2日以内にお振込ください)
発送日   :お振込が確認後5~10日以内

Worldwide Limited adition 7set-Displayed number on the label.
♠outfit Set :  Dress + Hairband
♣Price  : 50.00 USD
♣Shipping carge
♣Shipping carge
*General Air Mail : Free ( Is not registered.  Location tracking is not possible )  
*EMS                   : 20.00 USD(USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France..)
                             10.00 USD(Hong kong, Taipei..)
                             Another country( ask to Q&A board please :D)

♣Payment method : only paypal  
♣paypal e-mail :  poorin(a)
♣Shiping schedule : Estella shop will be shipped after 5~10 working days from the day you get confirmed your payment.

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